Lee Was There When We Needed A Pool Enclosure Replacement Jacksonville, FL

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Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL Fixed Our Old Screen Enclosure After Major Storm Damage
September 13, 2018

Lee Was There When We Needed A Pool Enclosure Replacement Jacksonville, FL

pool enclosure replacement Jacksonville | Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL

A pool enclosure replacement, Jacksonville, FL turned our unsafe and underused pool into our dream relaxation space.


My house was my dream home from the moment we first saw it fifteen years ago and we especially loved the pool, which is modelled on a tropical oasis with a small waterfall, a hot tub, palms and colorful tropical flowers. 

When we first moved in we spent a great deal of our time at the pool and, as such, we took excellent care of it, including the enclosure itself.


The Oasis Takes A Back Seat

When my husband’s health began to fade five years ago and he needed regular hospital stays, the pool took a real backseat, and though we still spent the occasional hour in there, it really stopped being a priority.  Slowly it fell into the sorry state it was in when we began to look for a full pool enclosure replacement, Jacksonville, FL.

It became weather damaged with the frame dangerously cracking in places.  The holes in the screens meant that whenever we did go in we got bitten by mosquitos, and the glass on the roof was covered in so much dirt that you could barely see through it.

Overall the effect was depressing and our little oasis of peace and calm was the last place we wanted to be meaning the door to the pool remained locked for several years.


Seeing The Changes

My husband’s health began to return two years ago, around the same time our daughter had her first child, and our first granddaughter. Being a Florida baby, she spent her life on the beach and playing in the water, and whenever she would come over to our house she would look out the door, pointing at the pool as if to say that she wanted to get in the water. That was a real catalyst for my husband and me to sit down at our computer and search ‘pool enclosure replacement Jacksonville, FL’. We knew it was time!

We chose Lee’s Screen Service because his site stated that it was a family-owned and operated business. We like to support local, family run businesses, but we also felt that, being a family man, he would take great care in his work where children were concerned.

The enclosure was old when we moved in, and after those years of neglect it was very unsafe so we decided to have a complete pool enclosure replacement, Jacksonville, FL and we are so glad we did.


Then and Now

The difference in the space is unbelievable, and now there are no more mosquitos getting in and attacking us as we rest, swim and play. My husband has made a fantastic recovery and having the pool back has played a huge part in that, and watching our granddaughter playing in the water is a real tonic to us both.

We couldn’t fault Lee’s service of a complete pool enclosure replacement, Jacksonville, FL, from the free estimate right through to the final results.

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