Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL Fixed Our Old Screen Enclosure After Major Storm Damage

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August 22, 2018
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Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL Fixed Our Old Screen Enclosure After Major Storm Damage

Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL

The pool had always been the hub of the family ever since the kids were small.  We would enjoy spending time in it together, or with extended family and friends, all through the year because our pool’s screen enclosure enabled us to do so, whatever the weather.

We also had a lot of flowering trees around the pool which, though lovely to look at, would drop their petals and leaves at a certain time each year, so having the screen made a real difference as to how often we had to clean out the pool.

Despite playing such an important role, we had not had any upkeep done to the enclosure over the years, and though the frame and screen always looked fine we had found a couple of nails in the pool on occasion after a heavy wind or rain, and we knew it was weakening and was due a refit or repair.

Danger After Storm Damage

One night a heavy storm hit our area and unsurprisingly our old enclosure gave way and we awoke to a very nasty surprise; half of it had fallen into the pool!

Due to the obvious dangers of a collapsed enclosure, we knew we needed to get the work done right away, but it had been so long since the original fitting that the company we had used had ceased trading.  To find the best screen service of Jacksonville, FL we knew we had to do our research and get some recommendations and within a week we had met with Lee’s Screen Service and been given a good quote to get the repair work done.

What A Difference A Week Makes

In just that week, and without a protective enclosure, we couldn’t believe how many leaves, flowers and dead bugs we found in the water.  We always knew the screen did a good job but it was interesting to see just how much it had kept out of the pool and how much time it must have saved us over the years from having to clear out the water!

All Change

Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL gave us great advice on what screens to go for and since we were getting such a huge replacement done we decided to go all-out and get one of their speciality energy saving screens.

These screens have reduced the heat of the sun within the enclosure which has enabled us to use the air conditioning on a lower setting on warm days and some days we don’t need it on at all!  This has really reduced our energy output and, in turn, our energy bills which we are thrilled about as it has been a real silver lining to this whole ordeal.

Alongside the guidance and support, the team from Lee’s Screen Service of Jacksonville, FL did a wonderful job with our full enclosure re-screening and repairs and we couldn’t be happier to have a safe, clean and energy friendly enclosure up once again.

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