Preparation For My First Grandchild Led Me To Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ

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November 12, 2018

Preparation For My First Grandchild Led Me To Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ

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I have always had dogs so the floor and carpets in my home have never really been a priority to me. The dogs would come straight in from the garden or their walks and drag whatever mud was on their paws across the floor and I just learnt to live with the stains. I knew it wasn’t terribly hygienic and rather than looking for any carpet cleaning in Scottsdale AZ I had tried do-it-yourself floor cleaners on the worst of the stains but it just created a ‘halo’ around the marks and made them even more obvious so eventually, I gave up and bought some dark coloured mats to at least detract from the dark patches!

I was happy enough like this until my daughter told me she was pregnant and would need me to babysit from quite early on so she could go back to work. It was then that I realised I could not have a little baby anywhere near my floor and that I would have to find a new way to keep the dogs in the house too.

Happy to do anything for my daughter I began to look at the cost of new carpets but soon realised that it would be impossible for me to afford such an expense, even if I were to just limit it to changing the downstairs flooring. New tiling or laminate wasn’t much better as I have quite large downstairs areas and once I added up the amount of tile or laminate strips I would need to cover it all, plus the laying costs, it was as bad as carpets.

A Realistic Option

It was then that my daughter suggested I consider finding someone to do carpet cleaning in Scottsdale AZ. Looking at the state of my carpets I honestly didn’t think that they were worth saving after years of abuse from the dogs, but I did some research online for carpet cleaning in Scottsdale AZ and was pleasantly surprised to find a company, Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning, who seemed confident that they could help me.

I booked them in to come and do a pre-inspection as suggested on their site and warned them of the state of the carpets, but upon their arrival, they did not seem fazed at all and even said that they had seen worse which I was really shocked about. Whilst they were there, I explained the reason behind wanting to get the flooring sorted and upon inspection, they suggested that they could even do the upholstery in the main rooms which I thought was a great addition to the job because I would naturally be sitting on the seats with the baby.

Amazing Carpet and Tile Cleaning claimed to be child and pet safe so what more could I have asked for?

Just Like New

They came and did the work the following week and the difference in the rooms is incredible. Not only do the floors look like new, but the whole places also smells fresh and looks brighter. I have placed baby gates across the entryway to the kitchen to keep the dogs out of the rest of the house and though it may take them a little getting used to, they have plenty of space and it’s nice to have the house to myself again!

Alongside that, the difference in cost between a local company coming to lay new carpets and getting local carpet cleaning in Scottsdale AZ was in itself a huge selling point.

This wonderful company who offered such great carpet cleaning in Scottsdale AZ have helped me prepare my home for my first grandchild and I am so excited for her to arrive and spend time with me here in my fresh, clean home!

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