The Family Run Screen Enclosure Repair Company Who Boosted Our Family Fun and Fitness

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The Family Run Screen Enclosure Repair Company Who Boosted Our Family Fun and Fitness

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My husband is very house proud, having worked hard to set up a business which would allow him to buy it and pay for the annual upkeep. As a young couple, we dreamed of having a pool at home to use for fun and fitness as and when we wanted rather than going out to a local outdoor pool or to the beach, but we didn’t expect the expense that came with owning one.

Over the years the pool area, though still just about usable, became quite neglected due to our money going into works on the house itself and a couple of annual holidays, and so the screen enclosure fell into disrepair. We removed a couple of the loose and cracked sheets of glass from the enclosure frame for safety reasons but this meant that when we did use the pool we would be bitten by mosquitos, and there was always leaves floating in the water from the trees which surrounded our house.

The result of using the pool less and less was that we both put on a bit of extra weight and felt quite unfit as, previously, the pool had been our main source of exercise.

Getting Back On Track

So for our thirtieth wedding anniversary, I decided to get the enclosure spruced up as a gift to my husband. I had done my research on finding the best screen enclosure repair company in the area and found Lee’s Screen Services who operated in Jacksonville. I called them over for a quote and he gave us a free estimate there and then and based on this I decided to go ahead. I chose the week that my husband would be going away for work and booked in this great screen enclosure repair company to get the work done whilst he was gone.

A Great Job

They checked the glass across the whole enclosure for safety and quickly and efficiently replaced every broken or missing pane. I couldn’t believe it could be done in such a quick time – it was very impressive! They then continued with the maintenance and safety checks of the frame itself, plus they cleared out the gutter which had long since been blocked up with leaves!

Overall the job was done professionally, quickly and with a smile and I couldn’t have been happier. It was great to use a family run screen enclosure repair company as the guys got on so well and we all had a fun time as they worked.

An Ideal Gift

The end result of using Lee’s screen enclosure repair company was one sparkling, fresh pool area and when my husband got home he could not believe his eyes.

It was the best gift I could have organised for him as we had both forgotten just how widespread the benefits of your own pool are, and now we are really enjoying having the use of our clean, safe and mosquito free pool once again. We are in there nearly every day and so, thanks to the services of this Jacksonville screen enclosure repair company, we are feeling better than we have for a long time and it’s even making the family fitter as we are having fun teaching our young grandchildren to swim too!

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